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"The villa building on the property was built in 1936 in neo-baroque style by order of the four Tóth brothers (religious teacher Árpád Tóth, hermit Dr. Ernő Tóth, tobacco exchange owner Gábor Tóth and religious teacher Dr. Gyula Tóth). In the spring of 1939, Magyar Posztógyár Rt. bought the house from the Tóth brothers, and merchant families lived in it until nationalization. Then Miklós Németh, the prime minister before the regime change, designated the guest house at 7 Vérhalom tér, under the management of the Central Economic Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior, as the residence of the former prime minister, but he did not move in. Finally, after the end of his ten-year mandate, in August 2000, the representative villa was assigned to the President of the Republic, Árpád Göncz, who lived in the property until his death.

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